About Denarau Corporation Limited

Denarau Island Resort is situated 20-minutes from the Nadi International Airport on the western coast of Viti Levu and is set within approximately 850 acres of landscaped tropical gardens. The island has an 18-hole international standard golf course, port and marina with other diverse investments. Located on Denarau Island are beaches lined with a mix of international hotels, residential, commercial and retail precincts.

Denarau Corporation Limited (DCL) is the Body Corporate for Denarau Island Resort and has been established pursuant to the Charter for Denarau Island which creates the integrated resort structure that binds all owners and occupiers on the Integrated Island Resort. In addition, the integrated island resort structure is governed by the Articles of Association of Denarau Corporation Limited.

Core Business
Denarau Corporation Limited’s core business is to administer, manage and develop a sustainable, financially viable 5-star integrated island resort community – Denarau Island Resort.

The Structure
The integrated island resort structure breaks the resort down into individual precincts, namely
1.       Hotel Precinct
2.       Residential Precinct
3.       Commercial Precinct
4.       Marina Precinct
5.       Golf Precinct

Various directors are appointed to represent individual precincts on the Denarau Corporation Limited Board of Directors.

Role of the Board of Directors
The Denarau Corporation Limited Board of Directors is empowered (and has the duty) to make rules for the control, management, administration, use and enjoyment of the Island and each of the existing and proposed facilities and administer and enforce those rules. They provide the leadership for Denarau Island through its stakeholders in achieving its vision, plans, policies and budgets for the Corporate Office to execute.

The Corporate Office Organisational Structure

The Corporate office currently has a compliment of six in the team who assist with management of Denarau Island and the execution of board directives.

Role of the Chief Executive Officer
The Chief Executive Officer, appointed by the board of directors, is responsible for the execution of directives set by the board of directors through the Corporate Office.

Role of The Corporate Office
Denarau Corporation Limited operates and is managed as a pseudo town council, having its roles as follows;

  • Ensuring proper legal and financial management
  • Compliance with all current and future development regulations, including building standards, planning, alterations and extension consents
  • Operational and maintenance functions
  • The management of all common areas landscaping, irrigation systems, electrical and street lighting, sewer reticulation, roads and other infrastructure
  • Coastal protection including, storm water damage mitigation measures, reinstating areas of erosion, re-planting of mangroves and other environmental protection measures
  • Traffic management, Occupational Healthy Safety (OHS) Compliance, static security, enforcement of by-laws and disaster management.
  • Governing equitable rights of access to various facilities
  • Maximizing the value of property and maintaining high standards of services and amenities
  • The marketing of Denarau Island as a tourist destination

Rates (Levies)
Denarau Corporation Limited, through contractual arrangements with owners manages levies to preserve the character and purpose for which the Island was established. Levies are paid to Denarau Corporation Limited on a monthly basis.

The basic amount required to be paid each year is determined by the Board annually under the budget. Each year DCL will calculate a precinct allocation to the Common Costs (ordinary expenditure and ordinary capital expenditure) for each precinct. Allocation amongst members within a Precinct will be allocated a contribution of the Common Costs and each member within a Precinct will pay a percentage of the overall Common Costs.

The current billing model for Precincts are as follows:

  1. Hotel Precinct: units will be on guest rooms
  2. Residential Precinct: units will be individual lots that are separately owned
  3. Commercial Precinct: units will be square meters of floor space
  4. Golf & Racquet Club Precinct: unit will be one
  5. Marina Precinct: Units will be linear metres of berthage


Current Distribution of Cost (%)























The Denarau Corporation Limited Board of Directors –

  1. must establish a Development Review Committee (DRC) and ensure that committee’s continued operation.
  2. must set fees for the processing of applications for development consent by the DRC calculated to recover the cost of review and determination of each application and which may vary from application to application.
  3. Must ensure the Company operates to provide and maintain facilities for the distribution of water (potable), electricity, and sewerage, and telecommunications conduits, storm water drainage, removal of hazardous goods and street lighting on the best terms available to the Company for the common benefit of owners throughout the Island;

The DRC shall include a suitable qualified architect, landscape architect and civil engineer and such appointees as the Board consider fit.

DCL Articles 7.1 – “A development consent from DCL is required for any of the following on an owner’s land -
(a)      erection, construction or installation of buildings or other things in the nature of fixed improvements which exceed 2   
          square metres in area and/or 2 metres in height;

(b)      engineering works such as (but not limited to) foreshore stabilisation, laying of underground services, roadways, car parks
          and outdoor lighting but excluding normal maintenance, repair or replacement works;

(c)       landscape works, including planting, pools, ponds, waterways, paths, walls and feature lighting, but not mere
          replacement of any of them with a thing which is of the same kind and scope and which otherwise meets the criteria in
          clause 7.5; and

(d)      any signage external to a building (but including any mounted on a building).”

The Building and Application Form is available for download on www.denarau.com to registered users.

Denarau Island Resort is set within 850 acres of land. Denarau Corporation Limited holds, as private property, all roads on Denarau Island. Wet leases are held by Denarau Corporation Limited, jetty structures are owned by the Port Denarau Marina Limited whilst pontoons are privately owned by individual residential lot owners.

Denarau Corporation Limited is responsible for the issuance of consents/approvals to owner for Building, water, sewerage and electrical for further consideration by the Local Government Authorities. The use of Denarau Island base consents for hire car operators and inbound/outbound tour operators are also issued from the Corporate Office. 

Rules & Regulations
Denarau Corporation Limited enforces planning and regulation requirements for Denarau Island. The Island’s by-laws are varied and is available on
www.denarau.com to registered users.

Enforcements / Security
Denarau Corporation Limited oversees the roles and responsibilities of Denarau Security. 
The General Manager Risk and Compliance ensures that the Security Company contracted to DCL is managed by the Security Manager. Denarau security includes the provision and 24/7 staffing of the main island entrance guardhouse and security control room, 24/7 security telephone service for day & night security, 24/7 security for the Residents Private Beach Park, 24/7 roving patrols who carry out random checks.

The overall policy for the traffic management of Denarau Island is to minimize traffic disturbance, improve traffic flow, ensure there is an appropriate safe environment for vehicles and pedestrians, having regard to the law and managed in a way that complements the ever increasing growth and popularity of the resort as a tourist destination of choice. Traffic enforcements are also carried out by Denarau Security. These include, over speeding, heavy smoke emission, illegal stopping/parking, overtaking (double lines), loud music, fare touting, heavy tinting, expired wheel tax, etc

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is the regulating body for all motorized vehicles in Fiji.
All cars, trucks, motorcycles or other motorized vehicles including golf carts on Denarau Island must be registered with LTA.

Strategic Plan
Denarau Corporation Limited’s 5-year strategic plans, developed through a broad consultative process involving all Key Stakeholders and their constituents seeks to increase Denarau Corporation’s service offerings to its residents while ensuring that Denarau Island maintains its 5 star international resort standards.

Capital Investment
Denarau Corporation Limited’s capital investment plans are largely based on the strategic plan. But to ensure that common infrastructure is available to support the international world class service that our stakeholders require using best practice.

The Private Beach Park is available for the exclusive use of the Denarau Residents. It has been planned as part of the DCL Board of Directors’ “Green Project” initiative. Lighting is via solar power, rainwater is collected in tanks and available for use, and an eco-friendly boardwalk has been constructed as a viewing platform through the mangroves.

Other features of the Park include picnic tables and a barbeque and an amenities block. There is also static 24/7 guard security.

Denarau Corporation Limited’s facilities include the 1 hour Free parking at the Port Denarau Marina and the Commercial and Retail Centre, which includes parking for 2 golf carts, 21 private cars and 2 Denarau hire cars. A bus terminal is located at the entry to Denarau Island which also accommodates inbound/outbound tour operators parking and a public car park for private vehicles which is utilized by workers on Denarau Island.

Denarau Island has options for guests and locals to decide at their own free will, their preferred means of transport within and out of the Island.

Denarau Hire Cars (LH Registration vehicles) are based on Denarau Island and may be found at the Port Denarau Marina, The Westin Denarau Island Resort & Spa and the Sheraton carpark. All hire cars are required to operate within the Public Service Vehicle (PSV) code of conduct on Denarau Island.
Westbus (yellow bus) is the only approved public bus service for Denarau Island. This service is only permitted to stop at the designated bus stop areas around the island.
The schedule is as follows:
- 5am to 6am at 30 minute intervals departing Nadi Bus terminal at 5am (first bus)
- 6am- 7pm at 5 minute intervals
- 7pm - 11pm at 10 minute intervals (last bus departing at 11pm from Nadi Bus terminal.
Denarau Shuttles (Bula Bus) offers unique open buses for passengers to enjoy the natural warmth and unobstructed views of Denarau Island. Travelling between all hotels, Denarau Golf & Racquet Club and the Port Denarau Marina, the Bula Buses operate on a continuous loop departing approximately every 15 minutes from 7:30am to 11:30pm, 7 days a week.

Fares on the above transport services may be obtained from

Landscaping standards are always a challenge. Options of sustaining the outsourced landscape model or revert to in-house landscaping were thoroughly reviewed by the Board. Having considered all the facts, the landscaping services are now separated in scope to cover:

  • Landscape maintenance, Recycling & Conservation, which includes mowing, weeding, edging, pruning and de-nutting, mulching, fertilization, pest and disease control, removal and recycling of green waste, surface and general cleaning (roads, roundabouts, footpaths, brick paved car parks, curbs, bridge curbs, bridge decking, drains, waterways and signage);
  • Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical, which includes irrigation (watering schedule and repairs to sprinklers), timber bridges and decking maintenance, plumbing works (sewerage and water repairs and maintenance), electrical (All electrical works such as the maintenance and replacement of bulbs, wiring, maintenance of control settings and timing of lights, replacement of lamp heads and other components)
  • Landscape renovations, which include beautification and renovations to existing landscape on all DCL common areas.

Coastal Management & Foreshore Protection
Denarau Corporation Limited provides coastal protection services through active and passive monitoring, and manages erosion on the Denarau Island coastline through specific mitigation methods, including current experimentation with rock spurs and artificial reefs
DCL Articles 5.1 – “Each owner on the Island is responsible for the general maintenance and cleanliness of the entire foreshore area (whether that area be freehold land, state land or native land) that fronts the owner’s land.”
5.2 – “All owners of land on the Island (whether or not their land fronts a foreshore area) will contribute in appropriate proportions to all costs not within clause 5.1 that are incurred or to be incurred for or for the doing of things fundamental to the protection of the Island such as tsunami or storm mitigation measures, the cost of constructing and maintaining retaining walls and foreshore protection bunds, reinstating erosion and undertaking any other environmental measures and which are accordingly to be accepted as expenditure properly for the benefit for all such owners.”

Waste Management
Denarau Corporation Limited manages the outsourced contract with waste management on Denarau Island. The removal of waste is carried out along all common property with bins located at bus bays. Green waste is managed by the landscaping contractor.

Pest Control
Denarau Corporation Limited engaged the services of Pest IT, Australia for a whole of Denarau Island Indian Myna Bird management approach. The methodology involved the use of trapping using cages. A key to the program is consistency and accurate application of the technique of feeding and trapping and the Board of Directors agreed that a pest control organisation be engaged to conduct trapping on behalf of all stakeholders.

Mosquito control and management by regular spraying is part of the islands maintenance program.

Community Programs
Denarau Corporation Limited values its social responsibility and community programs have become an integral part of Denarau Island. The island’s “Adopt-A-Tree” program taps into a mixed community (local schools, residents, visitors) which in its second year continues to grow.

Events and Permits
Denarau Island increasing plays host to a variety of International sporting and cultural events. For example, the Fiji International Triathlon, regular Golf and Tennis events, the recent hosting of the Sail Fiji Auckland to Denarau Ocean Race, the 18ft Skiff Mark Foy Worlds and the announcement of hosting the Stand Up Paddleboard World Champs in November 2016. Special Event permit applications for any event held on Denarau Corporation Limited property must be sent to the Corporate Office for approvals prior to any event taking place.

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