Traffic Management Services

Denarau Island's traffic mangement services is managed by Denarau Corporation Limited.

Land Transport Authority
The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is the regulating body for all motorized vehicles in Fiji.
All cars, trucks, motorcycles or other motorized vehicles including golf carts on Denarau Island must be registered with LTA.

Overall Policy Objective
The overall policy for the traffic management of Denarau Island is to minimize traffic disturbance, improve traffic flow, ensure there is an appropriate safe environment for vehicles and pedestrians, having regard to the law and managed in a way that complements the ever increasing growth and popularity of the resort as a tourist destination of choice.

Rules of the Road
All drivers must obey the rules of the Denarau road and drive responsibly.

Speed Limit
The speed limit on all Denarau main roads is 40 kilometres per hour and 20 kilometres per hour in the Residential Precincts.

No Stopping
Unless there is an emergency, there is a No Stopping policy along any of the Denarau Island roads. Vehicles stopping for any reason should use the designated bus bays and hazard lights are to be turned on and driver of the vehicle is to remain in the vehicle at all times.

Traffic Infringements
Drivers should be aware that infringement notices will be issued by Denarau Security in the event that drivers do not obey the rules of the road. Upon the second occurrence of a breach of the rules of the road, the vehicle will be banned from the use of the Denarau roads for a period of two (2) months. Further breaches will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Denarau Security issues traffic infringement notices to drivers for driving above 40 kilometres per hour, stopping at undesignated locations, careless driving, driving whilst talking on the mobile and vehicles with heavy smoke emission.

Parking at Port Denarau
A one (1) hour free parking in the DCL angled parking bays have been provided for the following:
- 2 Golf Carts
- 21 Private Cars
- 2 Denarau Hire cars

All commercial operators are to utilize the Port Denarau retail car park or face wheel clamping if found parking in the private car parking slots provided. All costs will be borne by the drivers / owners of vehicles.
Private vehicles that exceed the hour free parking will result in wheel being clamped and any costs incurred will be borne by the driver of the vehicle.

Bus Bays 1 to 5
The designated DCL bus bays at Port Denarau marked 1 to 5 are for inbound/outbound tour operators and have a maximum 30 minutes park. The bus bays are only for Coaches and 15-seater mini vans operated by Tour Operators. Any vehicles other than these will be wheel-clamped if found parking at the bus bays.

Parking Disclaimer
Vehicle and their contents are left at the owner or drivers risk. Denarau Corporation Limited do not accept responsibility and or third party claims relating to loss, damage and or liability of any form.